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Tormented by Their Own Imagination

h20The existence of demons is a furphy, which is Australian slang for something heard from a reputable source and believed to be true until someone proves otherwise. My reincarnation is proof that all religious claims are furphies and that the majority of the population are tormented by their own imagination. The preaching of devils, angels, saints, and other things of a supernatural nature are designed as window dressing and weapons of spiritual destruction.

Suggestions have life and they multiply as time goes by, especially when believed in by the majority. To create that state required a lot of violence, torture, and murder carried out by religious forces until the people were all of the one accord. But how can that work in a world where opinions matter? The facts are that it can’t and that is why we are seeing the huge break-away from so-called ‘faith’ in these the last days

With a link to the Spirit of the Universe, which is the only real God, much has been given to me to pass on to those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see. The majority are deaf and blind to reality because it was made to be that way (Isaiah 29:10-12). Only when the Spirit allows will they come to know how much they have been fooled and learn the truth.

That time has come and the Internet is spreading the light of God throughout the world and removing the darkness that has held it since the start of the day. The things that blocks out the light and brings the evil upon them is their own imagination and fear. Only those strong in the Spirit can get beyond it and many of those have left the world behind and are seeking the power in groups where the Spirit is active (Ezekiel 39:29).

Being Strong Emotionally and Psychologically

h19Mostly we are more concerned about our physical health, but often emotional and psychological health is compromised. It is not only important to be physically strong, but also emotionally and psychologically strong as well. When someone is emotionally strong he/she has self-confidence and self-esteem. There are a few tips to be strong, but these are not the only ones. It is also important to apply them, which may help one in the future to face problems.


It is very important to be motivated. Motivation helps one to achieve whatever one wants. When faced with a hurdle, if one is motivated enough he/she can easily pass it. Having a purpose to live keeps one going and any obstacles in the way are conquered.

Balancing Positive and Negative Thinking

Being positive makes believe that one can accomplish anything. Good things are going to happen and gloomy days will not long forever are beliefs that keep one going. One starts noticing even the small happy things and becomes grateful for them. On the other hand, negative thinking allows one to think what could be the worst and then work on it to get it better.

Compassion and Kindness

We are all surrounded by people we love and also some we don’t like. By being kind and acceptable towards all of them, we can have happy relations. Positive emotions keep flowing and they eventually reduce the negative beliefs.

Going Through Tough Times

Most of the people have gone through any tough time. This is the point which breaks them. Such times are gloomy and overwhelming. The best way to get out of it is to take the process brick by brick.

Responsibility and Control

There are a few things on taking control, but not everything can be under one’s control. Mentally strong people do take the responsibility of the things they can control. They don’t worry about or go crazy about the thing that is out of their control.

Taking Personal

It is not good to take everything personal. If there is a problem, this is not necessary that you are the one to get blamed for it.

Need Want Relationship

Everyone wants to be loved, admired, appreciated, approved etc. The problem arises when the component of want is gone and there is a need. Mentally strong people have a realization that everyone wants and they are not the only one who are in need.

Asking for Help

It is often considered that asking for help makes one feel like one is not strong. They lack capabilities or strength to work alone. This is a wrong notion. It rather means that one acknowledges the potentials possessed by other people so they ask for help.

The Past is Past

The Past is something which is gone. It is not coming back. It is important to take oneself out of misery. The Past is something to learn rather than to dwell in it. It is a training to have a better today and then a perfect tomorrow.

Mental Development of Young Minds

h18A young child is like a sponge and the brain is ready to absorb and be challenged. This is something many now realise when they present lessons to babies. Flash cards are great to teach the alphabet and recognition of articles and other things. Early learning books teach them to read and write at extraordinary young ages. It is also the time when religious organisations brainwash them into things that are wrong and from which the child may never escape.

This organic sponge we call the brain takes whatever is presented to it and channels are opened in which the knowledge lies until it is required. My reincarnation gave me memory of my former life and opened channels through the knowledge brought with me on my journey.

Born with a different language to my parents they could not influence or override it and the source of my contact is the Great Spirit of the Universe, the only real God (Isaiah 45:4-8). It is because of this that things observed from my birth have built a picture of the deception and fraud put up by religious bodies that are now destroying the world.

For the young child memory of reincarnation may be present and they may even speak about it. That, however, is quickly frowned upon by those who are brain-washed into the idea of heaven and hell. Those places do not exist but it is what the establishment depends on for power and control.

Children regulated and conditioned by religious institutions are more easily controlled than those who are not. They are taught to obey the government and to abide by the authorities over them and that is why they are now at logger-heads with each other and why terrorism is gaining such strength.

Kings, governments, and other forces depend on religions, therefore, to regulate and control the masses and that is the very reason for their existence. Only those with a strong link to the Spirit know to come away from them and that children reared with minds to think for themselves are far stronger mentally than others. Training the brain is unnecessary when the Spirit moves within them to show the path ahead, as happened in my case.

Why I No Longer Label the Way I Eat

h17Food… where do I even begin? I started this conscious eating journey about three years ago and it has been quite a roller coaster. I went from eating anything and everything to cutting out gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, meat, grains, peanuts, and corn. Not all at once, mind you. So… I first began as a gluten free, soy free, and refined sugar free vegan. Surprisingly I LOVED eating this way, never feeling restricted or unhappy. I was on cloud nine. For about seven months I swore by this diet of mine, sharing food pictures on Instagram and promoting vegan-ism to family and friends. Then, within two weeks, everything changed. There is a diet called 80/10/10, in which you eat 80% fruit, 10 percent fat, and 10% protein. Wary at first, I delved into research, eventually concluding that I would reap the benefits of this diet. So I tried it out. For a little under two weeks I ate nothing but fruit, a few nuts, and a teeny tiny amount of avocado. At this time, I was partaking in my first year of cross-country, having thrown my tennis racket to the side. We practiced every single day of the week, running anything from hills to sprinting on the track. My body was exhausted from this new strenuous sport and the inadequate amount of nutrients I was ingesting. Along with my daily starvation came ACNE! “Oh that’s not so bad,” you might say. But imagine not just your entire face but your chest, shoulders, back, and the inside of your elbows sporting A LOT of red bumps. I was miserable! I had just started a new school for my senior year and my confidence was lowering with each passing week. One day, during my second week of this diet, I remember sitting on the kitchen counter, crying, as my mom tried to explain to me that this “lifestyle” wasn’t working for me. I had put my heart and soul into this, I mean I went as far as buying a huge box of bananas to add to my daily smoothies, which were nothing but water and 10 of those sugary and delicious tropical fruits. After hitting my breaking point I went back to eating cooked vegan food for a while.

Thanksgiving finally rolled around and I was still battling the horror of my skin, truly ashamed to look at myself with out makeup on. I ate so healthy yet I looked like pizza and candy were my meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Despite the beliefs I held about vegan-ism, I began researching other diets to clear up skin. The day before thanksgiving I came across the Paleo diet. A diet that consists of meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. I desperately wanted to continue eating vegan but I didn’t know what else to do and my body was telling me something. So… Thanksgiving day was the first day I ate meat since that previous February. My mom bought a natural, no hormones added turkey and did it up with spices and other delicious ingredients that chefs know about. The first bite was strange. All I could think about was that this piece of food came from the inside of a dead animal. Being the drama queen that I am, at least when I am around my family, I made everything from gagging faces to pouting lips. The rest of the week I continued eating the rest of the turkey… and I felt really good. As the weeks passed by meat became a staple and grains became the enemy. My body significantly toned up and my constant hunger significantly toned down. Along with that, my acne, with the help of an incredible facial expert, slowly dissipated. So I ate mainly Paleo for the next year and a half. Was it all butterflies and rainbows? Absolutely not. I fell off the diet wagon many times, wanting to indulge in sweets and grains. My weight was up and down, never staying consistent and I felt SO restricted as I watched my friends enjoy their first year of college eating whatever they wanted. I kept at that cycle of falling off and climbing back until a few months back in November I decided I was going to be done with meat. It didn’t happen overnight, and I am not a vegetarian or vegan. There was something inside of me that knew I could no longer ethically explain to myself why I ate animals. Yes, there may be health benefits of eating meat, but living in this modern world I knew that I could decide to go with out it if I had the will to do so. I began by taking out red meat, which had been something that I heavily relied upon the past year. Then slowly, I ate less chicken and turkey till lately I haven’t felt the need to eat it at all. Fish is still something I’m working towards eliminating or at least decreasing from my diet. I just don’t feel right deciding that cows and chickens are more important to save than fish. They are all living, breathing animals.

BUT… here is the thing.

I no longer feel right supporting the meat industry but I do feel the need to eat what I am offered. Will I buy a chicken sandwich? No. But… will I eat some bites of chicken if someone has kindly made and offered it to me in their own home? Absolutely.

Maybe you won’t agree with this, and I know this isn’t right for everyone. I have a cousin who is a strict vegetarian and I would never expect her to eat chicken or beef if it is offered to her. That is not her path and I am inspired by her morals and values. But I am not her. I am choosing to eat consciously, without a label, but willing to accept what is offered to me out of respect.

The Scoop on Exercise Get to Work

h16The Sedentary Life

There’s a good chance you’re sitting down right now. There’s a good chance you sit down during more than half of your day. We spend a drastically increased more amount of time sitting that our parents and grandparents did. From an evolutionary perspective, we were designed to move.

Incrementally Increasing Exercise

There are numerous reasons to increase physical activity incrementally for a currently sedentary person. Firstly, in order for the person to stick with the plan, you want it to have an early attainable goal. This will give the person confidence and will show that the work he or she is putting in will directly pay off. It’s basic behavior modification principles of positive and negative reinforcement. The negative, to remove, is the weight, stiffness and / or propensity for physical problems. The positive, to add, is increased energy, strength, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Another reason to increase a currently sedentary person’s physical fitness regimen slowly is to prevent injury. As exercise is reentered into your life, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, will stretch and strengthen. Some will do so at a faster rate than others. In order for your heart, lungs, muscles, tendons and ligaments to all work in harmony, they all need to progress at roughly the same rate.

From a public health perspective, it’s concerning that people will over do their amount, time or intensity of exercise because that directly correlates to a spike in hospital visits. Reintroducing exercise, or going too hard, too fast is a quick route to a pulled muscle or a strained tendon or ligament.

Elderly vs. Young Adults

There are numerous differences between young adults and the elderly, even in sedentary groups within each population. As there is a 20 to 30% decrease in cardiac output by age 65, and a 9% decrease in oxygen uptake by men every decade, you can clearly see how elderly men or women would be hit differently than young adults during exercise. Moreover, elasticity in the major blood vessels is decreased, which slows blood flow, and the maximum heart rate decreases by approximately 10 beats per minute each decade. This equates to a lack of blood flow with key nutrients for the muscles.

For many young adults, especially in their 20’s and 30’s, they feel like they’re in their prime. With factors tied to increased exercise such as improved memory and brain function, and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life, coupled with the fact that these men and women are as naturally physically ready for exercise as they’ll ever be, this is prime time for fitness.

With all of this being said, it’s important to note, a lack of physical activity is bad for you, regardless of age or health condition.


How exercise effects appetite and body composition

For the most part, studies suggest and based on personal experience, an increase in exercise intensity directly correlates to appetite surge, also. This is a big picture view. However, according to some recent studies, moderate intensity aerobic training could suppress your appetite. Exercise releases key appetite hormones that helps to suppress your appetite. Aerobic exercise is better at appetite suppression than anaerobic exercise.

We’ve all heard the phrase “fat turned into muscle” but we know that doesn’t actually happen. The space referenced by that phrase may very well turn from fat into muscle but it’s a replacement, not a transformation.

As fat is the preferred fuel source for your body, due to its 9 calories per gram, an increase in exercise will likely reduce overall body fat. This is especially true if the one conducting the exercise keeps their exercise aerobic, not above 25% of their VO2 max. Exercise will also increase metabolism, and muscle tone. Who doesn’t want that?

Environmental Factors

Altitude and temperature can play a major role in exercise. Firstly, altitude wreaks havoc on endurance as air pressure at higher altitudes is reduced which causes the oxygen to diffuse into the blood more slowly. So, the blood will travel through the lungs not full of oxygen, and therefore, doesn’t have as much to provide to the lungs. This directly causes a drop in VO2 max and breaking the aerobic to anaerobic threshold at a lower output rate. This is the concept behind training masks that reduce oxygen intake. As your body has a strong desire for homeostasis, and can get to what’s called a “steady state” during activity, it will adapt to the less oxygen provided. Once this adaptation has occurred, typically after approximately 4 weeks of training, the body will them perform at a much higher output in lower altitude (more oxygen) conditions.

The bottom line on higher temperatures and exercise – it increases the degree of difficulty. Running is much more difficult in higher temperatures than in cooler temperatures.

Why Is a Workout Routine Important

h15It can be hard to start working out, but the question is, how bad do you want it? Are you willing to commit and invest 100 percent of your time and effort and really stick to it? Are you tired of being overweight and ready to make a change in your life? It might seem hard at first, and you might think you won’t be able to do it. But where there is a will there is a way. There are so many benefits that will be noticed once it becomes a regular, normal everyday life routine. Having a workout routine is very beneficial in many ways.

Helps reduce anxiety

It has been proven that incorporating aerobics into a workout can lessen anxiety. When exercising, the body motivates the production of the “feel great” endorphins.

Strong bones

As a person becomes older the bones start deteriorating, and by exercising the bones get stronger. Lifting weights, jumping and jogging are some ways to make bones stronger.

Boosts memory

Physical movement (stretching and flexibility) help prevent arterial aging that causes Alzheimer’s. Working out (physical activity) enhances growth factors and stimulates the neurological connections in your brain, for better brain activity.

Better sleep

Studies have shown that people who follow a daily workout routine are more alert during the day and can sleep profoundly during the night.

Improves mood

Physical activity causes the body to produce endorphins. The endorphins communicate with the brain and lessen the feeling of pain. Endorphins give a positive feeling to the body.

Energetic feeling

Workouts such as walking or jogging for 15-20 minutes on a daily basis will help.

Builds muscle mass

The three major exercises for building muscle mass are push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.

Reduces fat

High-intensity interval techniques help reduce that hard-to-lose body fat in the mid-stomach area. One high-intensity exercise involves riding your bike, starting off slow, accelerating, and going back to slow mode. That causes your heart rate to go up. Other techniques are running, Tabata squats, and boxing. All these should be done with pauses in between.

Reduces arthritis risk

If there is no physical activity in your life, the muscle and tissue around the bones have no protection. Working out strengthens muscles and will reduce joint pain.

Improves quality of life

Workouts are said to improve mental and physical health and prevent diseases.

Enhances flexibility

One of the most difficult exercises is yoga. It can be tricky when trying it for the first time. But not only does it make a person flexible, it is also relaxing and soothing.

How to Make Jogging More Effective and Interesting

h14More and more people in the country are facing general health problems related to lack of physical activities. In fact, figures have shown that there is a spike in the number of people who are overweight or obese. But aside from eating the right kind of food and ditching that chocolate bar, you also have to step up your physical activities. One physical activity that can really boost your fitness and health is jogging. This exercise is simple, easy to do, and virtually free. You really do not have to pay a fee in order to jog in a park or even in your own home. Here are some tips to make jogging more interesting and fun.

Get Your Accessories Ready

It is without a doubt that jogging promotes excellent general health. However, jogging can be dangerous if you do not use the proper accessories. One of the most important things that you have to invest in, if you want to start making jogging a regular physical activity, is a good pair of running or jogging shoes. People who do not use proper jogging shoes are prone to experiencing sprains, muscle strains, and also problems in the knees.

Jog With a Friend

It is worth noting that jogging at least 30 to 45 minutes three times a week can surely help bring down your weight significantly, provided that you also watch what you eat. If you are the kind of person who loves to socialize and don’t want to feel alone, you can invite a friend to do this exercise with you. However, it is important that you choose a friend who is disciplined and can help inspire you to get moving. If you invite a friend who is a couch potato, the two of you might end up sitting on a park bench instead of burn the calories in your body. Women can also host jogging parties for general health improvement. This can be fun and very exciting. Just make sure that the things that you will serve after jogging are healthy foods, such as fruits and veggie sticks.

Give Up Your Vices

If you want to take full advantage of the benefits of jogging, you have to ditch your vices. Stop smoking because this will only make it harder for you to endure jogging. It is also important that you stop your over consumption of alcohol. If you continue your vices, you will just offset the good benefits of jogging to your general health.

Exercises and Workouts Three Tips To Protect Your Shoulders

h13As you go about your workout program, one area of your body that is especially prone to injury is your shoulder joint. Due to the fact this joint moves through such an extensive range of motion and in so many different directions, it is quite easy to find yourself in pain as your workouts progress.

Fortunately, it does not have to be this way, however. If you take a few safety precautions, you can ensure you don’t wind up with sore shoulders a week or two into your workout approach.

Let’s look at the three biggest tips to help keep your shoulders strong and healthy…

1. Work On Your Rotator Cuff Muscles. Often the primary reason why people experience shoulder related pain is they haven’t been focusing on their rotator cuff muscles. These tiny muscles are not ones you can see, but they will play a substantial role in determining how quickly you wind up injured. Think of them as the stabilizers – the muscles that keep everything in tact.

To strengthen these muscles, you will want to hold a lightweight dumbbell, 2 to 5 pounds is usually sufficient, and then lay on your side on the floor or the couch. Lock your elbow into the side of your body and bend your elbow so the hand holding the weight is pointing straight up towards the ceiling.

Now slowly rotate the weight, lowering it down until it is parallel to the floor. Pause and then rotate upwards again to complete the rep. Continue in this manner until all reps have been completed.

2. Never Neglect Your Warm-Up. Next, you will also want to ensure you never neglect your warm-up. Take five to ten minutes before doing any upper body exercises to warm-up your shoulder muscles. Only when you feel warm and, like your tendons and ligaments, are easily mobile should you begin to lift heavier weights,

If you try to lift when you are cold, there’s an excellent chance that you will rip or tear something.

3. Plan Your Workout Carefully. Finally, last but not least, plan your workout carefully. Remember your shoulder muscles will be worked whenever you are doing chest exercises, shoulder exercises, and even your arm exercises. As such, try not to put these days back to back or your shoulders will get insufficient rest in between.

Blood Sugar Effects of Exercise And Pirates

h12In short, carbohydrates are a source of energy.

I refer to carbohydrates as energy because that is what fuels your muscles. Before we get into specifics, I want to debunk a carbohydrate myth that causes “low carb” diets to fall short: not all carbohydrates are created equal!

Now, let’s talk differences.

Simple carbs are the quickest source of energy and the most easily digested. The glucose in your blood will increase and decrease rapidly, also know as a blood sugar spike and crash. Examples include maple syrup, honey, sugar, and soda.

Complex carbs have a structure that is harder to break down by the body and usually present with fiber; therefore, it is slower to digest, giving a more steady gradual increased and decreased supply of glucose to the blood. Examples include legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

So what are refined carbs?

Refining: the human process of changing food

Refining complex carbohydrates affect blood sugar the same way as simple carbohydrates. Using refined carbs in your body as fuel is like trying to keep a bonfire going all night with newspaper. On the other hand, using unrefined carbs in your body for fuel is like using slow burning logs to keep a bonfire going all night.

Quick-acting carbohydrates, AKA simple or refined, break down to glucose (energy) and move through your digestive system and into your bloodstream more quickly than a slow-acting (complex and unrefined) carbohydrate, such as brown rice. In your bloodstream, glucose sails the red sea and travels to different muscles knocking on the gate to be let in. The gatekeeper is this ugly troll named insulin (OK – I’m getting carried away with the metaphor, I like pirates OK!) that allows the glucose to pass or not pass into muscle island to deliver energy and power. On muscle island, if you invade through the gates too quickly, the locals will riot and there will be a quick and bloody finish. If you are too slow to act, the locals may catch on to your plan and overtake you.

That perfect timing for the most effective delivery of “power” is our goal.

When you exercise, the ugly insulin troll is more likely to open the gate for you so it is OK to have quick-acting carbo energy ready to deliver; but we still need Captain Blackbeard, or “protein and fat” to strategically slow our advances through the gate to make sure we have a well-timed execution (or as we like to call it – optimized exercise performance). Make sense?

So to recap:

Quick-acting source of carbs + source of protein and fat = stable blood sugar = optimized performance

Balanced blood sugar side effects may include:

  • Balanced moods (suppresses the Hangry (hungry + angry))
  • Improved sleep
  • Increase of energy
  • Mental alertness
  • Regulated hormones
  • Reduced sugar cravings

Indoor Exercises That Will Put Your Body in Shape in a Matter of Weeks

h11There has been only one widely known exercise that has the ability to put anyone in good shape, once properly done. And that exercise is “Running (Jogging).” If you have been running and not yet in shape, then, you are not jogging enough.

It marvels me when I see folks, who want to lose weight or get into proper shape jog for a small length of between 500-2000meters. If you must do it right, it has to be nothing less than 2000meters. Round a standard football pitch is 400meters. That’s aside.

In this post, you will get to know other highly effective indoor exercises that will shape your body in a matter weeks. You can comfortably do these 7 exercises inside your room (which must be a little spacious to avoid hitting objects). These exercises, properly done is more effective than jogging. However, don’t get it wrong here, running/jogging is still a great exercise.

What of those who don’t like running/jogging early in the morning due to security reasons, lack of proper terrain or harsh weather conditions?

Here are the 7 exercises that might be perfect for you;

1). High knees: This exercise works your quadriceps, improves your overall coordination, strengthen your hip, and warms up your hamstrings. If that doesn’t make sense to you, just think of high knees as a great way to strengthen and shape the entirety of your lower body.

2). Knees to elbows: This is simply the movement of contracting the ab muscles and simultaneously bringing your knees up to your elbows and back again. If you think it sounds like some fancy complicated move, you are wrong. It really means nothing more than that.

3). Burpees: Burpees are full body exercise which virtually works every muscle in the body, this means that you can burn more calories in a lot less time. You can do this exercise almost anywhere as you are only using your own body weight.

4). Jump rope

5). Tuck jump

6). Jumping jacks: It’s a physical jumping exercise performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead, sometimes in a clap, and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides.

7). Mountain climbers: This is a full body exercise, engaging most muscles in the body and burning more calories in less time. They benefit muscular and cardiovascular fitness whilst also improving flexibility, blood circulation, overall strength and body shape.